Disruptive Benefits

Bio-Pharma and Healthcare benefit immensely from disruptive technologies…

Recent innovations in the technologies surrounding Cloud based networking (a.k.a. 128 Technology, Inc.), Cloud based storage (a.k.a. Wasabi Technologies, Inc.), and Cloud AI - Predictive Knowledge Base (a.k.a. Transversal), are benefiting the biopharmaceutical and Healthcare industries starting with huge CAPEX and OPEX cost savings, improved application performance, greater access to data stores, unprecedented levels of native security, immutability of data, despite omnichannel sharing and collaboration of mission critical information.  

Funds once earmarked for costly systems can now be appropriated to benefit much-needed R&D of life-saving drugs, therapies and treatments.

Wasabi simplifies the storing of complex scientific data through a system architecture offering 6x performance advantage over Amazon S3, while at 1/5 the cost.... regardless of storage type or tier.

Wasabi Technologies, Inc.

Wasabi offers virtually unlimited capacity to store and collaborate mission critical data to research scientists while establishing a new standard in industry security and data protection.   With Wasabi, working in conjuncture with solutions like Transversal’s cloud-based knowledge management platform, biopharmaceutical and Healthcare organizations don’t have to delete or throw away unrecognized data or deal with complicated storage tiering. The cost-effectiveness of Wasabi’s solution allows researchers to keep all their data, at the same lightning-fast level of service. Wasabi’s Cloud based storage platform is 1/5th the cost of Amazon S3 and 6x faster, while 100% bit-compatible with S3, providing the same high level of durability and security. Wasabi offers easy-to-configure immutable buckets, making it impossible to lose data to accidental changes, deletions, or ransomware.  

128 Technology, Inc.

The founders of 128 Technology, Inc. with deep roots in development (ref: SIP based Session Boarder Controller, ACME Packet, acquired by Oracle Corp 2012) have created a Next Generation software based, Session-Stateful networking platform, featuring end-to-end fine-grained traffic segmentation, native security with encryption, and unprecedented agility, improving performance, while eliminating the complexity and scaling challenges of costly overlay solutions. 

The 128 Technology platform offers biopharmaceutical and Healthcare organizations an innovative, yet disruptive means to improve system performance, scalability and security, while dramatically reducing CAPEX and OPEX budgets through the simplification of networks and elimination of unnecessary overlay (load-balancers, firewalls and packet inspection, etc.).  

Transversal Corporation

Transversal is a British software company focusing on the development of Cloud-based knowledge management solutions. Transversal’s cognitive knowledge solution offers intuitive, self-service features to help automate the delivery of answers, capture organizational expertise and distribute this collective intelligence across the biopharmaceutical and Healthcare organization. The Cloud based solution, utilizes proprietary AI to predictably anticipate access to data and information to dramatically improve performance and productivity.  

AdvancedTSC, LLC

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