Augmented Learning Reality


Transforming Learning

 In the advent of Digital Transformation, there is an emergence of new learning technologies to support the virtual classroom and deliver content across a broad spectrum of digital platforms to enhance the learning experience. Choices range from mobile applications (iOS or Android), Web-portals with real-time interactive communication (WebRTC), and augmented or virtual reality systems. 


Content Access

Students of modern learning can access content using engagement platforms from virtually anywhere at anytime with or without data network access; off-line learning accommodations enable access to specific content and resources that are accessed and later synced once the device regains connectivity. Accessing relevant corporate knowledge base or specific learning content can be mission critical not only for a positive Customer Experience (CX), but appropriate information delivered directly at the moment of need can be significant for Service Desk or Contact Center first call issue resolution.


AdvancedTSC has partnered with Calibrae a thought leader in learner-centered training. Calibrae has developed an Intelligence Engine (IE) in support of its eLearning platform that recreates ideal Human learning conditions to enable quicker material absorption and sustained knowledge retention. Calibrae's Intelligence Engine is an ideal solution for training circumstances where measurable improvements in learning and retention directly correlate to performance, productivity, operational costs savings, and increased profitability as in Contact Center environments, where "first call resolution" directly correlates to increased CX and big money $