Cyber Security Risk Mitigation


Advanced Persistent Threat

Security threats or attacks executed by highly sophisticated adversaries possessing significant capabilities for seizing opportunities to achieve objective(s) through multiple attack vectors (physical, cyber, other, etc.). Objectives vary with each threat, typically they include establishing footholds within the target organizations IT infrastructure for purposes of exfiltrating data, corrupting or obfuscating mission-critical systems or programs.  The Advanced Persistent Threat 

  • Attacks repeatedly over extended periods of time 
  • Adapts to defenders’ efforts to thwart the attacks 
  • Highly determined to maintain a level of attack to execute its objectives. 


OTM - Cybersecurity AI

Open Threat Management (OTM) platforms empowered with intelligent-cognitive agent capabilities are engineered to address a wide spectrum of cyber-threat challenges. The goal of OTM is to simplify SIEM deployment across Big Data architectures using Machine Learning and AI algorithms as cornerstones. OTM SIEM platforms go far and above the capabilities of traditional SIEM solutions to enhance an organization’s security posture by detecting “threats-that-matter” in real time providing remediation using historical context. The OTMs cognitive and intelligent threat detection function comes from the ML engine developed using unsupervised and semi-supervised learning principles. A key differentiator in applied Machine Learning is how featured engineering models look at threats inspecting billions of bytes of data while providing actionable intelligence (Data is the secret sauce to effective ML recipe). This is more than just identifying the right algorithms for the target use-case. 


Cybersecurity ML Engine

ML Engines use a range of techniques and custom algorithms starting from simple statistical models of clustered, graph based classifiers, and Bayesian probabilistic models to more complex Stochastic Optimization techniques build around complex surrogate functions. At the core of the technology is an algorithm engine encompassing a Distributed Computing Framework, Basic Linear Algebra Subsystems (BLAS) libraries in a data-lake ecosystem optimized for maximum scale, speed and accuracy.


Algorithm vs. General Anomaly Detection

In general anomaly detection, mathematical algorithms use various types of entropy functions modeling the characteristics and traits to represent the target space as a whole. In Threat Specific Algorithms Seceon builds models that target the specific type of attack such as DDOS, Insider Threat, Malware Beacon detection etc. 


Data Immutability

ATSC has partnered with Wasabi Technologies, Inc. and their next generation Immutable Data Bucket security solution. “Immutable” means that data written to that bucket cannot be erased or altered. This allows applications built on Wasabi to be HIPAA, FINRA, and CJIS compliant. With Data Immutability no single programmer can change code on a production system without an elaborate series of code reviews and thorough testing.  These procedures involve many people, any one of whom is highly qualified to spot malicious code.  Second, Wasabi’s data centers are secured through multi-layer physical security measures: fingerprint ID systems, man traps, etc.  

Third, we have extreme redundancy – 11 nines of durability.  If you gave Wasabi one million objects to store, statistically only a single object every 659,000 years is lost.  Wasabi reads every object every 90 days and automatically correct any random errors.

With Wasabi immutable buckets, no one can delete or alter your data–not even a systems administrator. While the network security guys are diligent to keep out cyber-intruders, immutability done right will protect data from being lost or destroyed no matter who hacks or fumbles their way through the security perimeter.  


Risk Mitigating Insurance

ATSC has partnered with USI and their proprietary PrivaSafe solution created to stay well ahead of the evolving cybersecurity theater providing a quantifiable benefit to the enterprise. PrivaSafe was developed to cover all known exposures, from cyber extortion and cyberterrorism to business interruption and privacy regulatory defense and penalties. As cyber threats evolve, USI is committed to working with insurance carriers and the underwriting community to drive the product’s evolution and provide superior coverage for cyber events.     

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