Thought Leaders



Calibrae has developed an Intelligence Engine in support of its training and education platform that creates ideal Human Learning conditions to enable quicker material absorption and sustained knowledge retention.

We Human’s learn best through first-hand experience and repeated, habit forming interaction. We have the inherent ability to learn immediately, such is the case in a single, life-threatening, impressionable event, or acquired through repeated process experiences; in either situation the information we learn is seared into our “hippocampus”.  

The pedagogical terminology is 'interval spaced learning', or 'interval spaced repetition', and it's shown to have significantly improved learning, understanding and retention outcomes. 


Acquired Insights

Acquired Insights AI/ML helps organizations across multiple industries use work-flow automation to replace manual entries, identifies high ROI that can be implemented quickly to improve financial performance in sales and merchandising, decreasing the overall cost of customer acquisition, while increasing Customer Experience (CX) satisfaction and thus client retention and subscription renewal. 

AI/ML can decrease operational costs by predictively identifying Change Management initiatives and optimizing performance. The platform leverages current investments in technology while preserving business initiatives, an enabling faster engagement of workforce to produce demonstrably faster results, track progress of actual vs. targeted value-to-business outcomes, while delivering repeatable and scalable results to constantly increase ROI and help make effective decisions. 


Clique CPaaS 360

Clique’s CPaaS easy-use SDK and API products bring HD quality voice regardless of format, application environment, operating system, or location to where consumers and business want it, making it easier for businesses to provide secure communications through voice integration, messaging, and other “Real Time” technologies across multiple platforms and end points. 

Clique’s CPaaS APIs power all consumer and enterprise solutions, are comprehensively documented and supported by our world-class engineers to provide custom implementations.

Clique’s Enterprise SDKs enable advanced feature sets and expansive integrations with cutting-edge applications using Clique’s APIs to add HD voice to VR/AR systems, game engines, and collaboration platforms such as Slack and Teams

Emerging Technology Disruptors


Cost Effective Cloud

Wasabi Cloud storage costs a flat $.0039/GB/Month with a 1 TB minimum usage. The only other thing we charge for is data OUT to the Internet or via Direct Connect, which is $.04/GB (vs. $.05-.09/GB with Amazon). No nickel-and-diming you with PUT, GET, DELETE and other operations.


Secure Vector Routing

This is a networking "Game Changer" Stateful routing solution developed for session-oriented and service-centric use through the incorporation of  Secure Vector Routing.


Cognitive Knowledge

Transversal is the pioneer in cognitive knowledge solutions and we are changing the way businesses connect people with knowledge. Our passion is to transform the way people find, consume and share what they know. This is the future of knowledge.