Next Generation CC Technology


Empowering Agents to securely Master First Contact Resolution

Success of the Enterprise Contact Center is predicated on an ability to rapidly adapt and evolve anticipating demand. The NGCC must connect "instantly" to a wealth of Knowledge, process information at lightning compute speed, while predictive algorithms and Cognitive software anticipate inquiry resolution before input from collaborative web browsers, mobile platforms, and connected vehicle Telematics,  bestowing a  plethora of decision-making options. 


Cognitive Functions

The Next Generation Contact Center anticipates caller inquiries, empowering agents to securely Master First Contact Resolution and Customer Experience Excellence. Cognitive Knowledge software interprets the context and intent of caller inquiries in real time, to predictably arrive at call resolution faster, and more accurately.    Transversal offers a suite of Knowledge Base tools to maximize agent performance, utilizing predictive algorithms to sort through omni-channel data points and push appropriate responses to the engaged agent, while increasing the value of other contact center investments  


Customer Experience Excellence.

Contact Center Customer Experience excellence is achieved through timely first contact resolution. WebRTC is a transformational contact center software ideal for agent collaboration and proactive customer engagement to achieve ideal customer experience. WebRTC enables proactive customer engagement starting from simple website browsing, where predictive algorithms push automated text messaging to the prospective inquirer. WebRTC engagement escalation options can then range from web-based voice, to web-based video, to a full-blown collaborative video interaction.  


Secure Vector Routing

128 Technology. Inc. provides a disruptive, revolutionary software-based Stateful routing  solution developed for session-oriented and service-centric use through  the incorporation of  Secure Vector Routing. 

This disruptive approach to Next Generation networking addressing the broad spectrum of routing applications from the branch, across the wide area network (WAN), and between and inside private and public clouds. Secure Vector Routing enables enterprise contact center providers to build networks that are simple, secure, smart and seamless.   



Mitigating Compliance & Security through “zero trust”, and encryption are key NGCC requirements to protect the privacy and integrity of confidential data, credit card information, patient, and personal information (e.g., social security numbers, etc.), resulting from the agent -customer interaction such as representative’s notes, call recordings, text-chat transcripts, and other call data. Building off of the solutions provided by 128 Technology, Wasabi Technologies and Transversal. ATSC provides an actionable framework for prevention, detection, and appropriate reaction to breaches in security.  


Cloud Storage

Wasabi Technologies, Inc. offers a disruptive Cloud Storage platform 6 times faster than Amazon S3 and 5 times more affordable, regardless of storage type: Hot, Cold, Warm Archive or Immutable. With an eye on the bottom line, Wasabi offers performance, security and compliance to the NGCC coupled with AI software enabling real-time, predictable access to critical Knowledge Base, boosting Agent productivity and First Contact Resolution.