Experience Spanning 30 Years


 Business goals and defined objectives are often blurred by the myriad of daily transactions, compounded by the relentless challenges in finance, operations, and technology. Maintaining the vision to see beyond these obstacles and the fortitude to push on, takes a special character resolve (Moxie) to strive for success regardless circumstance. Running a business is very much analogous to running a marathon, where mental stamina and persistence are essential ingredients in achieving your goal. 


Knowing where to start...  Affording enterprise business leaders with advice and direction in disruptive technologies requires an immersion in industry, corporate culture, business values, and mindset. Clearly outlining expectations, “rules of engagement” and deliverables is extremely important in establishing “trust” and building program success. Time is precious and attention spans are short... the top priority for program adaption, is delivering rapid revenue-generation or cost savings at minimum Risk, while exceeding stakeholder expectations. 


Achieving success in a changing landscape is a constant challenge; there is no “quick fix” or “silver bullet” to establish it. Good Old fashioned hard work is not enough to stay ahead of the “pack”, you must think on your toes and be highly innovative. Differentiation come at risk, but early adopters often achieve the edge they need to catapulted into the forefront. Choose to be disruptive….