Systems - Software Development Life-Cycle


Developing an SDLC Strategy

Choosing the right System Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) management framework to facilitate high-quality software delivery requires thoughtful consideration. The SDLC concept homogenizes several distinct methodologies for planning, navigation, and timely software-systems creation with an emphasis on cost-effective and accurate results. Through SDLC, AdvancedTSC, LLC delivers reliable, consistent solution excellence embracing the managed life-cycle “Best-Practices” to exceed stakeholder expectations. 


SDLC Options...

The SDLC process involves several distinct stages, including planning, analysis, design, building, testing, deployment and maintenance. development teams use in this effort. Here are some SDLC methodologies options:

· Agile - SCRUM

· DevOps

· Iterative - Incremental

· Lean

· Rapid prototyping

· Spiral

· Waterfall


"V" is for Validation...

Stemming from the Waterfall approach…. Yet even more rigid is the “V” - Verification and Validation model. This linear development methodology is characterized by a corresponding testing phase for each development stage. Like Waterfall, each stage begins only after the previous one has ended. This SDLC model is useful, provided your project has no unknown requirements.