Engagement Solutions


Engagement Philiosophy

AdvancedTSC, LLC works closely with client stakeholders to fully understand business requirements, technology drivers, environments and corporate culture to facilitate the right combination of leadership and subject matter expertise to deliver consistent and reliable solution expectations. 


Software Development

For software (application or system) development, the Scrum methodology is a particular favorite where feature sets can be implemented rapidly and incrementally while adapting to an ever-changing market audience. Scrum is the most popular Agile approach to project, program, and portfolio management, spanning multiple industry segments and “knowledge work” requirements. Scrum promises high touch, continuous communication iterative solution delivery.


Advanced & Emerging Technologies

At AdvancedTSC, we focus on timely and predictable solution delivery and quantifiable results. Our success is predicated on an acuity of industry knowledge technology immersion, and skilled global Human Capital resources, offering comprehensive Consulting, Professional and Managed Support Services addressing complex emerging technology challenges, while developing thought leading innovations...

  • AI & ML
  • Cloud Enabling Business Agility
  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Digital Transformation & Big Data Analytics
  • Distributed Ledger Blockchain
  • Security and Identity Governance
  • Talent Acquisition & ITeS Outsourcing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)


Customer Experience Excellence

A leading business initiative, transcending all industries is enhancing Customer Experience (CX) to gain market share. At AdvancedTSC, we embrace the Advanced and Emerging Technologies that facilitate positive CX driving business growth. Digital Transformation is an business enabling initiative offering limitless possibilities to digitally connect client activities with customer’s in “real time” across multiple, smart devices and platforms. IoT is the merger of concept with advanced technologies, enabling “instant access” to decision-making intelligence to improve the “Customer Experience”.  As businesses strive for growth, and improved bottom line, Digitally Transforming solutions like WebRTC and Telematics facilitate omnichannel connections between the business and the customer through enhanced web portals, mobile devices, and highly connected vehicle technologies allowing escalation from simple browsing, to text messaging, and fully collaborative video exchanges.


BI & Big Data Analytics

Through Digital Transformation, once static platforms are now engineered with smart embedded technologies (actuators, electronics, sensors, SIMs, software, etc.) intent on informing us of their indubious behavior and collected data points. These same devices are further enabled by network connectivity via cellular, internet, radio or satellite channels, resulting in a continuous flow of information aggregated into a pool identified by many as Big Data. Providing clarity to the ocean of data is a challenge unto itself, and not one for the faint of heart. AdvancedTSC technologists work with traditional Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Big Data tools like Cassandra and Hadoop, but embrace refined solutions provided by companies like Podium Data to help digital strategists see clearly to the depths of their data reservoirs.


Cybersecurity & Identity Governance

With the explosion of continuously connected devices streaming highly valued “omnichannel” information into Data Warehousing repositories, security is at an all time high in popularity, specifically, Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAM plays a significant role in Cybersecurity and maintaining data integrity throughout the handling process by incorporating a framework to ensure that only the right individuals have access to the right information (and resources), at the right time, and for the right reason across increasingly heterogeneous environments meeting rigorous industry standards for compliance. AdvancedTSC maintains a robust information security practice with consultants available to address challenges ranging from penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and strategies for holistic security spanning cloud or multi-site premise based systems. IAM is a centerpiece in our security constitution and a pillar of our managed services practice, customized to meet industry requirements.


Cloud Enabling Business Agility

AdvancedTSC advocates Cloud or private Cloud adoption for those clients seeking business agility. AdvancedTSC offers a full complement of consulting and professional services ranging from architecture and design, implementation and integration, to comprehensive 24x7 management of the Cloud infrastructure. Our team of seasoned Cloud certified technologists have experience in deploying multiple frameworks built around AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, Salesforce, and other platforms, enabling shared systems & computing resources (i.e. networks, servers, storage, applications, etc.) and data access to globally subscribing devices on demand.


Distributed Ledger Blockchain Database Systems

Distributed Ledger - Blockchain is a shared, distributed, decentralized and token-ized ledger platform. DL provides business value by removing business friction. It does this by making the ledger independent of individual applications and participants. Everyone with a particular level of permission-ed access sees the same information at the same time. Integration is simplified by having a single shared blockchain model. Blockchain also enables a distributed trust architecture that allows untrusted parties to undertake commercial transactions and create and exchange value using a diverse range of assets (see Figure 10). 

Blockchain is a powerful tool for digital business because of its ability to: 

• Remove business and technology friction 

• Enable native asset creation and distribution 

• Provide a managed trust model 


Intelligent Agents

AdvancedTSC’s Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Intelligence (MI) or Machine Learning (ML) development focus areas include reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception, g0eneral intelligence, and the ability to move and manipulate objects. AI approaches include statistical methods, computational intelligence, and traditional symbolic AI. ATSC’s tools include versions of search and mathematical optimization, artificial neural networks, and methods based on statistics, probability and economics. 


Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle  Telematics has evolved exponentially from a rudimentary diagnostic  reporting platform into a highly complex Omni-channel communications  solution. Legacy Telematics platforms consisted of electro-mechanical /  electro-magnetic sensory devices working in conjunction with on-board  computer operating systems to aggregate data points and report on  repeatable, predisposed functions through transceiver links to radio or  satellite mediums.

Going  way beyond vehicle performance monitoring, key areas of advancement in  Telematics technology encompass the transport and management of  "structured" as well as "unstructured" data classifications (i.e.  video). For example, the evolution of GPS supporting features in Digital  Telematics has made it possible to instantly isolate issues, establish  vehicle location, speed, and direction.

The  further introduction of Cellular (3G, LTE, or 4G) technology has blown  the lid off a much broader - richer range of Telematic enhancing  capabilities exchange flood of data metrics between vehicle and Central  Management System mitigating risk hazards, report on weather related  changing road conditions or evolving traffic patterns..

ITeS Outourcing


Program engagements provide clients with a cost effective, time saving, pool of focused technologist, capable of addressing internal requirements for improving productivity, spanning technology gaps, or simply allowing the business to focus on key goals and objectives through the outsourcing of these repeatable and continuous processes. Programs are designed to complement existing in-house capabilities or to enable dynamic growth without the added overhead.   A key differentiator, separating AdvancedTSC’s program implementation and solution delivery from others, stems from the incorporation of hierarchical fulfillment teams. All outsourcing Programs are custom developed to meet the exacting requirements as defined by the client’s stakeholders, however, client criteria are complimented by AdvancedTSC’s established best practices in support of each outsourced process. AdvancedTSC utilizes a hierarchical management approach to each assembled program team or workstream. All programs are led by an architect level, Program Lead (PL) acting as the client interface and directly responsible for the execution of all deliverables.