Disruptive Digital Transformation


The Big PC Bang

Once we were certain that computers were here for the long haul, and we didn’t have to set up shop in our garage to facilitate powering and participation in the PC revolution, we were game on… No surprises!  Getting "connected" to the NET posed some challenges both, but that too fell into order. With the PC bubble burst, we sat back and typed away as modem speeds increase, and things to look at began to evolve like web pages. Everything was measurable, affordable, and even predictable. As the late great Tom Petty once sang, "the sky was the limit". 


Predictable Progress

Historically, technology changes were measurable, often predictable and never too disruptive. These were physical (tangible) transformations in hard-drive size, speed, and storage capacity; chip size or processor capacity. Intel and AMD would forecast performance months ahead of release schedule, and it became very clear we could predict mission critical application performance improvements almost like the lunar cycle.   


Out of Scope

The typical enterprise operates with a “field of view” that rarely encompasses technologies outside the scope and realm of their current infrastructure and application investments; meaning the focus is on incremental change, run and maintain, and not total technology transformation. As a result, digital disruptors typically fall outside of the purview of normal daily operations and corporate field of vision 


Digital Preparation

Despite stakeholder knowledge of the potential for digital transformation, there is recognition of a lack of preparedness, identifying gaps in technology readiness, resource skills, a general knowledge of techniques to identify disruptions, and the overarching ability to understand the evolving components, making Digital Transformation tricky waters to navigate.


Digital Transformation

Digital disruptors are organizations that have developed, uncovered, or refined existing aspects of existing technology taking full advantage of its digital significance and capacity for transforming how business is conducted as we know it today.  


Combining our three second “digital attention span” with the accelerated pace to which new and disruptive technologies are released into the enterprise market place, businesses are compelled to make the Digital Transformation decisions at a much faster pace than ever before, just to remain competitive, attract attention, and sustain growth through improved customer experience (CX).