Focused Industries

Custodial & Investment Banking


Regardless of market conditions, the Custodial and Investment Banking sectors are always subject to improving operational efficiency:

  • Eliminating manual tasks and embracing Process Automation tools.  
  • Improving transaction productivity by bolstering legacy middle and back-office Execution Management System (EMS) and Order Management System (OMS)
  • Making better use of business intelligence & analytics tools to crunch the volumes of data 
  • Embracing new technologies like Blockchain distributed ledger and Bitcoin digital currency



Mitigating risk and eliminating the technology barriers standing between the enterprise and successful business growth. For Retail, there is a balance between achieving the desired Customer Experience (CX) and maintaining a cost-effective bottom line, which means being smarter about business execution: 

  • Keeping up with Business Processes 
  • Improving transaction productivity 
  • Making better use of business intelligence & data analytics tools  
  • Embracing new technologies like Omni-channel



Two of the biggest technology challenges facing Healthcare IT leadership today are Connected Health adoption (formerly TeleMedicine) and Cyber Security. Connected Health or instant access to healthcare through technologies like WebRTC, are exposing Healthcare institutions to greater Risk and Threat of security compromise whether through Identity Governance breach, malware and ransomware. 

Other areas of concern stem from deploying 

  • Electronic Medical or Health Records (EMR or EHR) 
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics


Manufacturing, like other global industries, shares many of the key technology challenge insights

  • Need for improved operational efficiency and bottomline profitability
  • Fast Manufacturing release cycles
  • IT departments are expected to innovate, taking advantage of tech trends like digitization and Cloud
  • Lower tech maintenance cost
  • Leverage Business Intelligence, and data analytics


Though top-of-mind technology concerns for Biopharma overlap with other major industries, some are unique like the adoption of a mobile workforce. Other Biopharma signals indicate the technology adoption is necessary to support improved business practices and solution consistency. Adoption and implementation of: 

  • Data standards as a means of improving business performance
  • Enterprise-wide deployments of electronic data capture EDC and electronic patient-reported outcome systems


Insurance companies are confronted by a transforming marketplace with changes seemingly more drastic than ever before

  • Increased device connectivity stemming from household and workplace platforms
  • WebRTC and Telematics are driving instant "real-time" access
  • Cost cutting and Operational improvements through technology moderization and process automation